About Vintage Comics...

Where do you begin a story like this? I suppose I could start at the end, where we are now and say how excited I am about this new website and my venture into becoming a full time comic book dealer!

Still, to get across how passionate I am about comics I think the beginning would offer a better backdrop to how we got here.

About 35 years ago, a young, excited Roy Delic ran to the local corner store with a single $1 bill in hand looking to buy his first comic books. He was so excited that when he had arrived home and began to read them, he had realized that out of the 3 comics he bought, he had purchased 2 copies of the same Batman issue! Ever since then, Roy has been on a quest to own the finest comics he could in the nicest shape that he could find them in.

Roy was a day dreamer who would spend his childhood years sitting with a calculator and an Overstreet Price Guide adding up how much it would cost him, how much money he would have to save up, in order to be able to afford every Marvel Comic ever printed. He vaguely remembers the number coming to about $21,000 in the early 1980's.

Roy spent the next two decades buying up all the comics that he could get his hands on. His 1st full time job in 1988 allowed him to become his local comic store's best customer at Shooting Star Comics on Yonge St. in Richmond Hill where about twice a week he would make visits to make sure he spent his entire paycheque there by Friday.

The 1990's saw Roy take a break from comics to start and raise a family, offering his 4 children all of his efforts. Still, nothing remains static and as his children grew so did Roy's vision of getting back into comics.

Fast forward to the current decade when Roy had discovered the internet and all that it had to offer. Just like that 5 year old child in the mid 1970's, Roy had found a fresh new world of available comic books which reignited his passion in collecting.

Hi, my name is Radovan Roy Delic, and I've been a lifelong comic book fan. I have spent the past 10 years as both a collector and a reseller of higher end, higher grade, vintage comic books. Take it as no small co-incidence then that I plan to offer the best of the best on my new website which, surprise-surprise is called...you guessed it: Vintage Comics!

Vintage Comics is the brainchild of Roy and Louise, Roy's PR manager and Business manager and long time trainer. Vintage Comics also employs Roy's children in various capacities, including their offering him advice and constructive criticism in the form of ridicule for being a 40 year old comic book geek.

This all goes to show you that no matter what happens, you can't take the boy out of the man!


To all of you, from all of us at Vintage Comics - Thank you and Happy Collecting!

Radovan Roy Delic